Specialized Storage & Transportation

Innovative Storage Solutions to Power a Sustainable Future

Our facilities ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable storage of solar energy products and components and we are committed to supporting renewable energy initiatives by providing a secure environment for solar panels, batteries, and other related equipment. Our dedicated team of experts continuously works to optimize storage conditions, maximizing the lifespan and performance of stored solar products, while ensuring that they are available and on site as projects progress. By choosing our specialized solar storage solutions, clients can rest assured their investments are well-protected and contributing to a greener planet.

Specialized Transport

Customers include:
Project Developers, Manufacturers and EPCs (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company)

Services Available:

  • Drayage and Container Unloading
  • Storage and Transportation

Jobsite Kitting:
At T2GLogistics, we offer tailored solutions for EPC projects by assembling jobs from diverse components, such as solar panels, inverters, and optimizers, among others. This approach enables our customers to leverage bulk purchase benefits, capitalize on market opportunities, and proactively respond to evolving legislation and tax regulations. By strategically consolidating various components, we help optimize supply chains, reduce costs, and ensure projects are not only cost-effective but also compliant and ahead of industry changes.

Solar Load
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Port to Storage Solutions

  • Hassle-free transportation from the port to our storage facilities.
  • Expert handling to ensure the safety of solar panels during transit.
  • Drayage available from Newark/New York, Philadelphia, and Wilmington.
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Dedicated Services for Installers & Investors

  • Specialized storage facilities designed for solar panels.
  • Ensuring panels remain in optimal condition until installation.
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Safety & Care

  • Specialized storage solutions to protect solar panels from potential damage.
  • Facilities designed to shield panels from the elements, ensuring longevity.
  • Security includes: Alarm, Cameras, Gated Access
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Centralized Warehouse Advantages

  • Strategically located in the Philadelphia region, close to major cities.
  • Quick dispatch capabilities: 2 hours to New York and Baltimore, 1 day to Boston.
  • Reach a vast population within a day, ensuring timely deliveries.

What our Clients say

It was a pleasure working with T2G. Having worked with many logistics companies, the professionalism that comes with T2G is quite the breath of fresh air. They are always responsive and proactive with our requests and somehow, all the drivers that help deliver our loads are extremely polite and accommodating. But what was most appreciated is their flexibility. I work in the solar installation industry and a lot of times, on site conditions causes last minute changes and T2G have always worked with instead of against me. They may not be the most affordable solution but for someone in my position, the reliability is worth the added cost.
Steven Jong

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