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Venturing into the world of international trade? Let T2GLogistics be your guiding star. We specialize in simplifying the intricate processes of import/export, procurement, and consolidation, ensuring your business thrives in the global market.


Dive into the realm of global trade with T2GLogistics’ end-to-end import and export services. From the initial pickup of your goods for export to the final delivery of imports, we’ve got you covered. Experience a seamless logistics process, inclusive of trucking to the port, meticulous handling of customs documentation, and efficient door-to-door transportation. With our expertise, US customs clearance becomes a breeze, ensuring your goods transition smoothly from international waters to your doorstep.
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US Customs Clearance

Overseas purchases come with their own set of challenges. We ensure a smooth US customs clearance process, handling all documentation and liaising with authorities on your behalf.
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End-to-End Service

From picking up your goods for export to delivering imports to your doorstep, we handle it all. Our services include trucking to the port, handling customs documentation, and providing door-to-door transportation.
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Reliable and efficient drayage from ports of Newark/New York, Philadelphia and Wilmington
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Seamless Logistics Process

Our integrated approach ensures every step, from transportation to customs clearance, is seamless and efficient.
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Door-to-Door Transportation

Once your goods clear customs, we ensure they’re delivered to your chosen location, be it your warehouse, store, or any other location. We handle transloading and all forms of intermodal transport.


Maximize efficiency with T2GLogistics’ consolidation services. In a world where every penny counts, our services are designed to streamline shipments, ensuring cost savings and reduced environmental impact. By making efficient use of container space and consolidating shipments, we not only save you money but also contribute to a greener planet. Our dedicated team assesses goods and determines the optimal consolidation strategy, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries.
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Frequently Asked Questions​

How does T2GLogistics handle customs documentation for imports/exports?
We have a dedicated team that handles all customs documentation, ensuring a smooth clearance process. We also liaise with authorities on your behalf to ensure compliance.
What advantages do I get by using T2GLogistics for import/export?
With T2GLogistics, you benefit from our local expertise, time zone advantages, industry connections, and consolidated supply chain. We are an end to end solution for your import/export needs.
How does consolidation lead to cost savings?
By consolidating shipments, we reduce the number of trips and maximize container space usage. This leads to significant cost savings in transportation and logistics.

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