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New York city public buildings project

The Problem

Our customer secured a contract to install solar panels onto the roofs of public buildings of New York City. Aside from complex business challenges, this project had a series of logistical challenges that had to be met:

Solar Case Study
Solar Case Study2
Solar Case Study1

The Solution

T2G was able to help our customers overcome the challenges by importing the panels and organizing them in the warehouse by project in advance of the construction schedule and locking in valuable tax credits.

When the sites were ready we organized specialty flatbed carriers, loaded them the night before and made sure they arrived on site by 7AM the next morning. By using New York City trucking specialists we had people who were already familiar with the peculiarities of navigating the city. Additionally, by making sure we had a back up truck available we knew that if a breakdown occurred we could put another truck in place right away.

About T2G Logistics

T2G Logistics (“T2G”) is a full-service, asset-based warehousing and 3PL company. We are headquartered in Vineland, NJ and have three facilities totaling approximately 100,000 Square Feet. Our location allows us rapid access to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.